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Spiritual Journey to Prophecy: The John Hogue Story

John Hogue, a world-renowned Nostradamus expert, joined Mysterious Matters during a two-day recording session. Day one focused on the 2016 Presidential election, subsequent protests, and predictions for Donald Trump’s Presidency.   Day two focused on John’s Predictions for 2017-2021, as well as his spiritual journey to becoming the man he is today.

He takes us back through the years and shares soul deep information from his past. We are like a fly on the wall as John Hogue makes his way to India in search for something that had been missing in his life.    


Who knew that John Hogue was a body guard, or even an exorcist?!

He reveals all, exclusively on this edition of the Mysterious Matters, Paranormal and Culture Podcast.  

Topics include:

► Which came first, John’s spiritual journey or his being a classically trained musician

► John Hogue’s research into global warming

► How a spiritual master chooses his/her apprentice/student of their spiritual guidance

These and so much more awaits you on this second part, two hour long, edition of our discussion with John Hogue.

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  • John-Paul Hunt

    Well I hope the next president has a good time there. Things are looking better but Im still holding back until 2021.

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